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Latest news

Lecturer in HCI psition available - recruiting internally at the moment

We are initiating recruitment to a new Lecturer in HCI position in UCLIC! This post is only available to internal candidates at risk of redundancy at present - the deadline for these applicants is 25 October 2017. If we have not recruited to this post after this internal round, we will advertise…

UCLIC Research Seminar 16th October: Fabrice Matulic, Preferred Networks Inc., Japan - Leveraging pen and touch input on interactive surfaces

Please note the changed day and time of the seminar Tablets and large displays that support simultaneous and differentiated pen and touch input provide interactive capabilities that go well beyond the sum of those modalities' individual input spaces. In this talk, I will present some of the…

Anna Cox in podcast on Work-Life Balance

In the latest episode of the Digital Mindfulness podcast, Anna Cox talks about her research on using technology and the Internet of Things to help people gain work and life balance. You can listen to the full podcast here: digitalmindfulness.net/84-tech-work-life-balance-anna-cox