Internship to design and test a new kind of chatbot for investors - closed

Timeline: From July 1st 2021 for 8 weeks

We are looking for a research assistant to develop a conversational bot that scaffolds and guides users' decision making (in a stock investment scenario) and reflects back to users their own thinking/reasoning. The aim of the bot will be to help the user better understand how their own reasoning and decisions may be biased or flawed and when they may be overly emotional or overly confident. The tool would be embedded into a trading interface that mimics a real one (like this one). However, the interface would be simplified, as the tool would mainly be for training purposes (at least in the first stage) and designed for beginner investors.

Deliverable : A working chatbot prototype and helping with writing up the research

Line Manager: Yvonne Rogers

Working with Leon Reicherts

Skill set required: User research skills, NLP programming

Please send a 1 page statement to Prof Yvonne Rogers outlining why you are interested in the role and how you have the skill set required.

Closing date: June 15th 2021

Online interview: Sometime following week.

Starting date: 1st July 2021

Salary: £13.47 per hour