New book by Catherine Holloway and Giulia Barbareschi (UCLIC and GDI Hub) just published

Disability interactions (DIX) is a new approach to combining cross-disciplinary methods and theories from Human Computer Interaction (HCI), disability studies, assistive technology and social development to co-create new technologies, experiences and ways of working with disabled people. It focuses on the interactions people have with their technologies and the interactions which result because of technology use.

A central theme of the approach is to tackle complex issues where disability problems are part of a system that does not have a simple solution. DIX pushes researchers and practitioners to take a challenge based approach, which enables both applied and basic research to happen alongside one another.

Holloway C, Barbareschi G. Disability Interactions: Creating Inclusive Innovations Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics. December 2021, 198pp. Please see this link