Rachel Benedyk retiring

After almost 40 years in UCL, Rachel Benedyk is retiring from her pivotal role as Lecturer and Programme Director on the MSc course in HCI with Ergonomics. Rachel was a student of the course in the days of the Ergonomics Unit in the seventies, and taught on the course over the following four decades, while the Ergonomics Unit evolved into its current incarnation as the UCL Interaction Centre. Her retirement party took place on 12 April this year and colleagues from across Rachel's career recounted many amusing memories at a 'This is Your Life' style event; we even had a very late presentation from a 'student group' on the Design Experience module demonstrating a mock 'teaching device' to help her teach Master's students! Rachel then gave a whistlestop tour in verse of her colourful career, which included visiting Botany, Zoology and Psychology before she eventually came to be the Ergo-nome who many alumni on the course will remember as the caring face of Ergonomics. The success of the MSc programme is a long-standing testament to Rachel's passion and dedication to her subject and her students and colleagues.