RES/CSC and/or ROS scholarships

Please be aware UCL are offering RES/CSC and/or ROS scholarships for a start on 2023-24: the RES replaces the GRS/ORS scholarships, but the application process is pretty much the same as it was for those scholarships. As in previous years, applicants from China with an Overseas status can also be considered for the CSC (China Scholarships Council).

Regarding the RES and ROS scholarships (successful candidates start in Sep 2023), you need to apply to a PhD in HCI through UCL Select as soon as possible through this direct routecode link, RRDPLSSUIC01. For RES, please send the below documents to Louise Gaynor by 6pm on Fri 25th November:

  1. Research Scholarship cover sheet - this form is available along with full information at the RES site;
  2. CV - (must be up to date and lists all publications, past/current prizes, awards, and scholarships);
  3. A lay summary of your research proposal, on a Word or PDF document (max. 200 words);
  4. Academic transcripts - Please ensure that each academic transcript submitted includes clarification on the grading scale/range of grades possible for that degree;
  5. Two references (Reference 1 must be with me by 25th Nov, but Reference 2 can be later as it's from your proposed supervisor):
    • Reference number 1 should relate to your most recently completed university programme/degree (or the one you intend to complete, if applicable) and can be the same referee who submitted a reference as part of your admission application. They should use the Reference 1 form at the RES site.
    • Reference number 2 should relate to your current research programme/project. Your supervisor should use the Reference 2 form at the RES site and this should be sent to me by 21 Dec.

To be considered for ROS, please ensure you have a PhD application through the direct link for 23-24 as above and send the ROS coversheet as at the ROS site to Louise Gaynor by 6pm on Fri 13 Jan 2023 and also submit your ROS application through the MS Forms application site by the same date (13 Jan). There is more information at the ROS site. Good luck!