UCLIC Research Seminar Series

SEMINAR 16th March: Catherine Holloway and Team – Accessibility Research at UCLIC
Catherine Holloway and team, University College London


SEMINAR 16th March: Catherine Holloway and Team – Accessibility Research at UCLIC


Catherine and her team collect datasets which explain how people with impairments move and navigate with a view to making tasks, journeys and life genrally a bit easier. Catherine will briefly look at the research to make the wheelchair part of the Internet of Things; navigation for people with dementia and improving balance. She will be joined by Rhys, Giulia and Tsu-Jui who will speak about 3D printed elastomeric biofeedback devices; measuring wheelchair transfers and tracking assistive technology use in the wild respectively. The aim is to give a broad overview of the team's work to open discussion about future possibilities.


Dr Catherine Holloway and her team recently transferred from UCL's Civil, Engineering and Geomatic Engineering department. Catherine has a background in industrial engineering and her research is in the development of sensor systems and the characterisation of movement. She previously directed the Accessibility Research Group. Catherine and her team are working on a number of collaborative projects with researchers in UCLIC and Computer Science that are concerned with developing Internet of Things technologies and novel feedback modalities to aid disabled people. Catherine likes to be called Cathy but answers to most things.
Mr Rhys Williams is a PhD student working on 3D printed elastomeric biofeedback devices. Ms Giulia Barbareschi is a PhD student investigating the automatic detection an classification of wheelchair transfers and Dr.Tsu-Jui Cheng is a post-doc working on the EPSRC ARRT-BC project where he is specialising on assessment of biomechanics.