UCLIC Research Seminar Series

SEMINAR 19th Nov: Sylvain Malacria and Nicolas Roussel – Mjolnir: Computing tools to empower users
Sylvain Malacria and Nicolas Roussel, Inria


SEMINAR 19th Nov: Sylvain Malacria and Nicolas Roussel – Mjolnir: Computing tools to empower users


Mjolnir is an Inria research team created in January 2015 in partnership with Université Lille 1. Our research aims at producing original ideas, fundamental knowledge and practical tools to inspire, inform and support the design of human-computer interactions. We favor the vision of computers as tools, we would like them to empower people, and we believe this can only be achieved by supporting both transparent (from a cognitive perspective) and analytic use. Our short to medium term objectives are to investigate ways to leverage human perceptual, control and learning skills in this perspective.

The first part of the talk will be focused on Inria, its Lille research center and the creation of the Mjolnir team. The second part will be focused on our work toward improving user's expertise with software applications. In particular, we will explain the design and evaluation of systems for helping users to use "expert" features while interacting with both desktop and touch-based computers.


Nicolas Roussel is a senior researcher at Inria, the scientific head of the Mjolnir research team, and the scientific officer of Inria's Lille - Nord Europe research center. His research interests are in Human-Computer Interaction and include computer-mediated communication and groupware, engineering of interactive systems, graphical interaction, and tactile and gestural interaction. He has published and served as organizing or program committee member in conferences such as ACM CHI, ACM UIST, IHM, ACM CSCW, ECSCW and ACM Multimedia.

Sylvain Malacria is a researcher at Inria since november 2014. His research interests are in the design of new interaction techniqueswith additional focus on understanding and improving the transition from novice to expert mode in graphical interfaces. Before working at Inria, he did a 10 months post-doc with in the UCL/BBC London Media Technology Campus, and a two years post-doc with Andy Cockburn at the University of Canterbury (New-Zealand).