UCLIC Research Seminar Series

SEMINAR 27th Apr: Jussi Okkonen – Researching Information Ergonomics
Jussi Okkonen, University of Tampere


SEMINAR 27th Apr: Jussi Okkonen – Researching Information Ergonomics


Note: Time and location are different this week

Jussi Okkonen is currently Associate Professor in Department of Information Systems in Economics and Management at Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University and Senior Researcher in Tauchi at University of Tampere. After receiving his M.Soc.Sc (econ.) degree at University of Tampere in 1997 Okkonen worked for Tampere University of Technology and received his doctoral degree there in 2004. Until 2012 Okkonen worked as Senior Research Fellow for TUT Institute of Business Information Management and Logistics. In 2012 Okkonen returned Alma Mater to join Tauchi, Tampere Unit for Computer-Human Interaction at School of Information Sciences of University of Tampere.

Okkonen has been active in both research and teaching. The array of his courses consist of micro and macroeconomics, knowledge management, business information management, and research methods. Okkonen has supervised about hundred theses and dissertations.

The key topic in his research work is performance and productivity. From 1997 Okkonen has approached productivity and performance issues of knowledge work and knowledge intensive organisations from theoretical and practical perspectives in several national and international research projects. Due to digitalization of work environments Okkonen has put more emphasis on extended, augmented, asynchronic and spatially dispersed work. The underlying theme still is the individual and organizational performance connected to information ergonomics.