UCL will have a great presence at CHI 2018

Authors from UCL will have a great presence at CHI 2018, the premier conference in Human-Computer Interaction, which will take place in Montreal, Canada, 21 - 26 April 2018.

Here is a sneak peek at our accepted contributions.

Full Papers

Late-Breaking Work

Doctorial Consortium


SIG Meetings

  • SketCHI: Hands-On Special Interest Group on Sketching in HCI
    Makayla Lewis, Miriam Sturdee, Nicolai Marquardt, Thuong N Hoang


  • SurfaceConstellation Applications
    Nicolai Marquardt, Frederik Brudy, Can Liu, Ben Bengler, Christian Holz

Workshops Organised

Workshop and Symposium Papers

Student Design Competition

Other full papers from UCL (non-UCLIC)

Other workshop papers from UCL (non-UCLIC)

Other SIG Meeting from UCL (non-UCLIC)

  • SIG on Telepresence Robots
    Houda El mimouni, Susan Fussell, Susan Herring, Carman Neustaedter, Jennifer Rode (UCL Knowledge Lab)