UCLIC featured in IET partners magazine

UCLIC is featured in the IET's latest Partner Magazine!

Children are growing up in the newly emerging Internet of Things, but it is not always the case they understand how these devices and apps work. Digital Fluency is a learning approach intended to fill this gap, and brings together disparate aspects of computer science, cognition, design and everyday life to provoke curiosity, deep learning and creativity.

It was developed by an interdisciplinary team led by Prof Yvonne Rogers together with Dr Nic Marquardt, Dr Venus Shum, Dr Rose Johnson and Susan Lechelt. The team has produced an extensive, tangible computing toolkit called Magic Cubes; special building blocks that encourage collaborative exploration through a range of exciting and sometimes mysterious making and programming activities.

For example, one minute someone can be using it to construct a cube, the next making a pattern of LEDs light up while shaking the cube, then watching an interconnected set of cubes placed in a room light up like a Mexican wave.

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