UCLIC Research Seminar Series

UCLIC Research Seminar 13th of October: Carsten Sørensen (London School of Economics and Political Science). The Age of Value-Sensitive Digital Infrastructures?
Carsten Sørensen, London School of Economics and Political Science
Location: On Zoom


UCLIC Research Seminar 13th of October: Carsten Sørensen (London School of Economics and Political Science). The Age of Value-Sensitive Digital Infrastructures?


The technical process of digitizing analogue data into digital bit-streams and the associated socio-technical processes of digitalisation has yet to fully reveal their disruptive potentials - yet researchers and practitioners alike must comprehend these phenomena. Digitalization removes tight couplings between an informational object and associated technologies for storage, processing, and distribution. These characteristics brings to the fore the complex socio-technical and socio-economic relationships between Internet-enabled digital infrastructures and the business arrangements facilitated by and in turn shaping these infrastructures. One result has been the explosive growth and dominance of a few global digital platforms. New challenges emerge when the digital infrastructure shifts beyond a value-agnostic open IP-based Internet and to become a value-sensitive digital infrastructure transmitting digital rights. The presentation will seek to provide an overview of multi-year research on the innovation dynamics of digital infrastructures with an emphasis on broader research themes rather than detailed research hypotheses.

Link to talk recording: https://youtu.be/myq7Fc1l_J0


Carsten Sørensen is Reader (Associate Professor) in Digital Innovation within Department of Management at The London School of Economics and Political Science (carstensorensen.com). He holds a BSc. in mathematics, an MSc in computer science and a Ph.D. in information systems from Aalborg University, Denmark. Carsten has since the 1980s researched digital innovation, for example innovating the digital enterprise through mobile technology (enterprisemobilitybook.com), and the innovation dynamics of mobile infrastructures and -platforms (digitalinfrastructures.org). He developed LSEs first blockchain course, an online course on cryptocurrency disruption, and has been the leading academic securing LSE representation on Hedera's Council. Carsten has published widely within Information Systems since 1989 (scholar.carstensorensen.com), for example in MISQ, ISR, JMIS, ISJ, JIT, Information & Organization, The Information Society, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, and Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems. Carsten also has extensive experience managing national, EU, and industry research projects with research grants totaling over £3 million. He has for a number of years been engaged in assisting and assessing digital start-ups and has for 25 years been actively engaged in academic consultant and executive education with a broad range of organisations - IMF, Microsoft, Google, PA Consulting, Huawei, Orange, Vodafone, Intel, GEMS, to name just a few. Most recently, he has contributed to a report with Gowling WLG on the tides of digital disruption.
Websites: carstensorensen.com; digitalinfrastuctures.org; mobility.lse.ac.uk; beingmobile.org