UCLIC Research Seminar Series

UCLIC Research Seminar 2nd May: Paul Marshall, End user engagement with data
Paul Marshall, University of Bristol


UCLIC Research Seminar 2nd May: Paul Marshall, End user engagement with data


Computer science is going through something of a data revolution, with new mathematics and algorithms being developed to make sense of the global explosion of data. However, the perspective of most of this work has been on what insights large organisations - governments, IT companies or the NHS - can derive from huge repositories. Even when the focus has been on end users, such as in consumer devices like activity trackers, technologies often embody paternalistic and inflexible views about behaviours that should be changed. In this talk, I will describe a number of case studies where my students and post docs have tried to identify the perspectives of individuals and groups of end users of data technologies. I hope to discuss with the audience what the future of end user data technologies may be.


Paul Marshall is a senior lecturer in interaction design. His research interests centre on the design and evaluation of technologies that extend and augment individual human capabilities in the wild. This has included work on physical interaction and tangible interfaces; on technologies for face-to-face collaboration; on the design of technologies to fit specific physical contexts; and on extended cognition and perception. A recent focus has been on how communities and individuals use data for better understanding or wellbeing.