UCLIC Research Seminar Series

UCLIC Research Seminar 8th June: Wendy Moncur, University of Dundee – Emergent digital memorialisation practices
Wendy Moncur, University of Dundee


UCLIC Research Seminar 8th June: Wendy Moncur, University of Dundee – Emergent digital memorialisation practices


Memorialization is a ubiquitous human practice, with deep roots in culture and tradition. As digital technologies increasingly pervade our lives, opportunities are created to memorialise and to sustain the bereaved's continuing bonds with the dead in new ways. While memorials that utilise digital technologies are becoming increasingly common, the design space for digital memorials is an emergent one. In this talk, I'll describe a novel framework for digital memorials, situated in the context of contemporary digital existence , and provide a case study of its use in creating a bespoke memorial for a bereaved parent.

The talk draws on material from the following papers and book chapters:
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Dr Wendy Moncur, FRSA is a Reader in Socio-Digital Interaction at the University of Dundee, where she leads the Living Digital group (www.livingdigital.ac.uk). She is also a Visiting Scholar at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, an Associate Director of the Social Dimensions of Health Institute in Scotland, and an Associate of the Centre for Death and Society (University of Bath). Her research is grounded in Human Computer Interaction, and focuses on human experiences enacted in a digital age. She has been involved in grants totalling £2.7 Million since 2011, through an EPSRC Personal Fellowship and as a Principal Investigator/ Co-investigator. Full details of Wendy's publications can be found at bit.ly/1kQx2zH. Her next research project, 'TAPESTRY', is funded under the EPSRC TIPS program, and will explore normative online behaviour in social groups.