UCLIC welcomes more staff and students from the University of Sussex!

We are very happy to welcome more staff and students, who are joining us along with Prof Subramanian, Prof. Obrist and Dr Martinez-Plasencia. These are:

Lucy Arnold (Project Administrator)
Shubhi Bansal (Research Fellow)
Oliver Benton (PhD student)
George Butler (Business Development Manager)
Christabel Choi (PhD student)
Georgios Christopoulos (PhD student)
Patricia Cornelio Martinez (Research Fellow)
Panagiotis Florous (PhD student)
Lei Gao (PhD student)
James Hardwick (PhD student)
Ryuji Hirayama (Research Fellow)
Eimontas Jankauskis (Design Technician)
Ben Kazemi (Research Technician)
Roberto Antonio Montano Murillo (Research Fellow)
Emanuela Maggioni (Research Fellow)
Mohamed Salaheddine Talamali (Research Fellow)
Tom Williams (Research Technician)

We look forward to working with you all!