Call for study participants: Using AI/ML to support qualitative thematic analysis

We are looking for participants to evaluate an AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) tool which is designed to support the analysis of qualitative data, including interview and ethnographic data. We are looking for participants to try the tool on interview transcripts or ethnographic fieldnotes that they have already analysed through thematic analysis, having done the coding either in Microsoft Word, NVivo, or MAXQDA (we are currently implementing support for Dedoose as well). The aim of the tool is to help find additional instances of relevant themes or codes. We wish to evaluate how and if such a tool would be useful for qualitative researchers and to observe how people without technical knowledge of ML interact with it.

The tool is a software application running on your computer, so if you take part, you will not need to share your qualitative data with us or anyone else.

The study involves setting up your files (~20 minutes), using the tool (~20 minutes), and a follow-up remote interview (~20 minutes) based on your logged interactions with the user interface. As a small incentive, and to acknowledge the time you spend on the study, you will receive £10.

If you are interested, or would like more information, please email Federico at

This study has been approved by the UCLIC Ethics Committee, Project ID No: UCLIC_2022_004_costanza