Ana Javornik

Ana Javornik
Honorary Research Associate
[email address hidden]
UCLIC, University College London
66 - 72 Gower Street
London, WC1E 6EA
United Kingdom

Research Associate at UCLIC.

Brief biography

I completed my PhD in June 2016 at Università della Svizzera italiana in Lugano, Switzerland. I was recipient of Swiss National Science Foundation grant for prospective researchers, which allowed me to spent a year long research visit at UCL Interaction Centre, where I have worked with Yvonne Rogers. I continued my research at UCL through support from UCL Enterprise for a commercial research project "Augmented Self" which I conducted in collaboration with Holition - London-based agency specialized in augmented retail. I published my work in Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Retailing and Customer Services, ACM SIGCHI Designing Interactive Systems and Harvard Business Review (online version).

Research Publications

Ana Javornik, B Marder, JB Barhorst, G McLean, Yvonne Rogers, Paul Marshall, L Warlop ‘What lies behind the filter?’ Uncovering the motivations for using augmented reality (AR) face filters on social media and their effect on well-being 2022 Computers in Human Behavior, Journal article
Maryam Bandukda, Aneesha Singh, Catherine Holloway, Nadia Berthouze, E Brulé, A Tajadura-Jiménez, O Metatla, Ana Javornik, A Thieme Rethinking the Senses: A Workshop on Multisensory Embodied Experiences and Disability Interactions 2021 Conference paper (text)
Ana Javornik, E Kostopoulou, Yvonne Rogers, gen Schieck A Fatah, P Koutsolampros, AM Moutinho, S Julier An experimental study on the role of augmented reality content type in an outdoor site exploration 2018 Behaviour and Information Technology, Journal article
Ana Javornik, Yvonne Rogers, D Gander, A Moutinho MagicFace: Stepping into Character through an Augmented Reality Mirror 2017 Conference paper (text)
Ana Javornik, Yvonne Rogers, A Moutinho, R Freeman Revealing the Shopper Experience of Using a "Magic Mirror" Augmented Reality Make-Up Application 2016 Conference paper (text)
S Julier, gen. Schieck A Fatah, P Blume, A Moutinho, P Koutsolampros, Ana Javornik, A Rovira, E Kostopoulou VisAge: Augmented Reality for Heritage 2016 5th ACM International Symposium on Pervasive Displays, Conference paper (text), Oulu Finland