Serious and Persuasive Games

The Persuasive Games module introduces students to the concept of serious games. It provides students with the opportunity to learn how to create a playful intervention and to evaluate its impact. Students engage in problem-based learning in a flipped-classroom environment that provides online resources together with class-based activites.

2018/19 Games for Health

Students develop games that persuade people to be more physically active. These games contribute to the GetAMoveOn Network+

2017/18 Games for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

In 2017/18 students developed games that raise awareness of issues related to equality, diversity and inclusion. These games contribute to the work being done by the Academic Careers and Diversity Committee in the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences The Division currently holds a Silver Athena SWAN Award.

2016/17 Games for Environmental Sustainability

In 2016/17 students developed games that aim to raise awarenes of environmental issues and reduce apathy towards sustainable living. The games support the Green Week event held annually in the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences. This builds on existing research at UCLIC on how we can use interactive installations to promote engagement with environmental issues.

Student Games