Ben Kazemi

Ben Kazemi
Research Technician
[email address hidden]
Room: R-305
UCLIC and Computer Science
169 Euston Road
London, NW1 2AE
United Kingdom

I research and develop Holography, Multimodal Acoustic Levitation, Wearable Technology, Programmable Liquid Matter, and Metamaterials.

I spend most of my time working on the Particle Based Display which I designed, fabricated, assembled, and tested. I continue to make revisions on the hardware, and manage the distribution of over 50 of our setups.

When I'm not working on hardware or software then I'll probably be busy procuring, managing the lab and our associated spaces, supervising the lab's growth, and enabling post-docs and PhDs with their technical issues.

Member of the Technical Support Group where I provide technical consultation.