Daniela Romano

Daniela Romano
Senior Teaching Fellow
[email address hidden]
+44 (0) 20 3108 7079 (internal: 57079)
Room: 2.09
UCLIC, University College London
66 - 72 Gower Street
London, WC1E 6EA
United Kingdom

Office Hour

My weekly Office Hour is Thursday 11:05 - 12:00 during Term 1 (2 October - 11 December 2017). Please email me ahead of time to confirm a meeting slot.


I am interested in human interaction & perception in virtual environments, advanced interfaces (BCI, Bio-affective), human - cognitive agent interaction, simulation and prediction of behaviour with large scale multi-agent systems, telemedicine, gamification and serious games.

Recent Publications

I have 80+ peer reviewed publications, below those published in the last three years.


  • Nazry, N.N.M., Romano, D.M. (2017). The Mood and Learning in navigation-Based Serious Games. Computers in Human Behavior. Elsevier. Volume 73, August 2017, Pages 596-604 .
  • Hanshaw,J., Liu,W., Romano, D.M. (2017). Improving SSVEP-BCI Performance Using Pre-Trial Normalization Methods. IEEE 8th International Conference on Cognitive Infocommunications - CogInfoCom 2017, 11-14 September 2017 in Debrecen, Hungary (Best Paper award).
  • Attard, C. Mountain, G. Romano, D.M. (2017). Just in time collaborative problem solving using smart mobile devices at the workplace. 2nd International Conference on Internet of things and Cloud Computing (ICC 2017). Churchill College, University of Cambridge, UK, 22-23-March 2017.


  • Attard, C., Mountain, G., Romano, D.M. (2016). Problem Solving, Confidence and Frustration when Carrying out Familiar Tasks on a non-familiar Mobile Device. Computers in Human Behavior. Elsevier. Volume 61, Pages 300-312.
  • Breslin, D. Burkitt, M., Dobson, S., Romano, D.M. (2016). Modelling Connectivity and Co-evolution: The 'Premonition' Study of Domestic Fire Risk Behaviours. 6th European Academy of Management (EURAM), 1-3th June 2016, Paris, France.
  • Dobson, S., Burkitt, M., Breslin, D.A., Romano, D.M. (2016). Developing an ABM-driven Decision Support System in the Emergency Services. 18th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS), Rome. Italy, 25-28th April 2016.
  • Breslin, D., Romano, D., & Percival, J. (2016). Conceptualizing and modeling multi-level organizational co-evolution. In Agent-Based Simulation of Organizational Behavior (pp. 137-157). Springer International Publishing.
  • Balakrishna, C., Romano D.M., James Patrick Henry Coleman J.P.H. (2016). CyberGaTE: A Gamified Virtual Training Environment for Cyber-Security, SOLSTICE Conference, Edge Hill University, UK, 89th-10th June 2016.


  • Al-Saleh, M. and Romano, D.M. (2015). Culturally Appropriate Behavior in Virtual Agents. AIIDE 2015, 11th Annual AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, Santa Cruz,USA, 14-18 November 2015.
  • Kurdi, O, Romano, D.M., Stannett, M. (2015). Modelling and simulation of Twaf and Sa'Yee: A Survey of Recent Work in the field. 29th annual European Simulation and Modelling conference (ESM'2015), UK. October 26-28, 2015
  • Breslin, D., Romano, D., & Percival, J. (2015). Conceptualizing and Modeling Multi-Level Organizational Co-Evolution. In Agent-Based Simulation of Organizational Behavior, Eds Secchi, Davide, Neumann, Martin. New Frontiers of Social Science Research, Springer, ISBN 978-3-319-18152-3

Research Publications

O Loboda, J Nyhan, S Mahony, Daniela Romano Towards evaluating the impact of recommender systems on visitor experience in physical museums 2018 Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Mobile Access to Cultural Heritage co-located with 20th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services (Mobile HCI 2018), 2018, Conference paper (text), Barcelona
J Henshaw, W Liu, Daniela Romano Improving SSVEP-BCI performance using pre-trial normalization methods 2018 2017 8th IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Infocommunications (CogInfoCom), Conference paper (text), Debrecen, Hungary
NNM Nazry, Daniela Romano Mood and learning in navigation-based serious games 2017 Computers in Human Behavior, Journal article
C Attard, G Mountain, Daniela Romano Problem solving, confidence and frustration when carrying out familiar tasks on non-familiar mobile devices 2016 Computers in Human Behavior, Journal article