Danny Harrison

Danny Harrison
Former: PhD Student
[email address hidden]

I'm interested in methods to encourage increased walking and cycling in London, using public displays and personal devices. I enjoy creating both physical and software prototypes, and conducting in the wild research.

Brief biography

Currently: Vice-Chancellor's Research Fellow, Northumbria University

Research Publications

R Fleck, Marta Cecchinato, Anna Cox, Danny Harrison, Paul Marshall, JH Na, A Skatova Life-swap: how discussions around personal data can motivate desire for change 2020 Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, Journal article
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M Pateman, Danny Harrison, Paul Marshall, Marta Cecchinato The Role of Aesthetics and Design: Wearables in Situ 2018 CHI'18 Extended Abstracts, Conference paper (text), Montreal, Canada
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Danny Harrison, Paul Marshall, Nadia Berthouze A review of physical-activity tracking technologies and how to assess their effectiveness 2017 Conference paper (text)
Marta Cecchinato, Danny Harrison Degrees of Agency in Owners and Users of Home IoT Devices 2017 CHI'17 workshop: Making Home: Asserting Agency in the Age of IoT, Conference paper (text)
Ian Renfree, Danny Harrison, Paul Marshall, Katarzyna Stawarz, Anna Cox Don’t Kick the Habit: The Role of Dependency in Habit Formation Apps 2016 Conference paper (text)
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Danny Harrison, Paul Marshall, N Bianchi-Berthouze, Jon Bird Activity tracking: Barriers, workarounds and customisation 2015 Conference paper (text), New York, NY, USA
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Danny Harrison, Jon Bird, Paul Marshall, Nadia Berthouze Looking for bright spots: a bottom-up approach to encouraging urban exercise 2013 Conference paper (text)
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D Kontaris, Danny Harrison, E-E Patsoule, S Zhuang, A Slade Feelybean: communicating touch over distance. 2012 CHI Extended Abstracts, Conference paper (text)
Sarah Gallacher, Connie Golsteijn, V Kalnikaite, Steven Houben, Rose Johnson, Danny Harrison, Nicolai Marquardt SenCity 2: Visualizing the Hidden Pulse of a City 1900 Poster