Diego Martinez Plasencia

Diego Martinez Plasencia
[email address hidden]
5th floor, University College London
London Media Technology Campus (UCL/BBC)
40 Melton Street
London, NW1 2FD
United Kingdom

Brief biography

Diego Martinez Plasencia was a Lecturer of Interactive 3D graphics at the School of Informatics at the University of Sussex. His research ambition is to create multi-modal interactive systems that allow users to see, hear and feel virtual 3D content in a seamless manner, without any attachments or additional devices (e.g. glasses, gloves). His research involves a combination of 3D display approaches, HCI and applied physics to enable interactive systems, such as multi-view tabletop systems or multi-modal particle based displays (PBDs). His work has been supported by FET and EPSRC and he is currently leading a UK-China Research-Industry Partnership aimed at advancing PBD systems and showcasing them in permanent, large-scale public exhibitions. His work has been demonstrated at international forums, such as Festival della Sciencia or Founders Forum, and received extensive media coverage in ITV, CNN, Discovery Channel, BBC Click or Sky News. Before joining Sussex, he was a research associate at University of Bristol and assistant lecturer at UCLM.