Dilisha Patel

Dilisha Patel
Research Fellow
Pronouns: she/her/hers
[email address hidden]
Room: 2.06
UCLIC, University College London
66 - 72 Gower Street
London, WC1E 6EA
United Kingdom

Dilisha is a Social Researcher focusing on Disability Justice at the GDI Hub. She aspires for an equitable world for all and drives this by working with marginalised populations, to provide them with useful, usable and reliable tools to support themselves and their communities. Dilisha has over 10 years of research experience in health, social care and digital health and has mainly uses qualitative methods.

Brief biography

PhD Thesis: Understanding men's information seeking and sensemaking journey's in order to explore how technology can support men who experience fertility problems.
Previously a Research Associate in Reproductive Health at the Institute for Women's Health, UCL.

Research Publications

L Malki, Dilisha Patel, Aneesha Singh A mixed-methods analysis of women's health misinformation on social media 2023 Conference paper (text)
Dilisha Patel, Anna Hope Landre, Jamie Danemayer, Victoria Austin “Cripping” Resilience in HCI: Proposing A New Approach to Disability Innovation 2023 Working/Discussion Paper, ACM Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2023
Danita Mooney, Maryam Bandukda, Dilisha Patel Design Recommendations for an Inclusive Online Sexual Health Clinic for Blind and Partially Sighted People 2023 Conference paper (text)
Greevenbroek R Van, Dilisha Patel, Aneesha Singh "Like a candy shop with forbidden fruits": Exploring Sexual Desire of Cohabiting Millennial Couples with Technology 2023 Conference paper (text)
Tigmanshu Bhatnagar, Dilisha Patel, Catherine Holloway Mapping Assistive Technology Start-ups 2023 Working/Discussion Paper, IATech Workshop, Interact 2023
Dilisha Patel, S Pendse, Choudhury M De, S Dsane, KP Kruzan, N Kumar, Aneesha Singh, Mark Warner Information-Seeking, Finding Identity: Exploring the Role of Online Health Information in Illness Experience 2022 Conference paper (text)
I Rai, Dilisha Patel, Aneesha Singh "It's come around way too quickly!" Can technology help parents provide support during menarche? 2022 Conference paper (text)
Dilisha Patel Online Health Communities as a resource for collective sensemaking for men who experience fertility difficulty 2021 Conference paper (text)
G Barrett, JA Hall, B Howden, Dilisha Patel, J Shawe, J Stephenson Evaluation of the Psychometric Properties of a Version of the London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy for Women’s Partners 2020 International Journal of Men's Social and Community Health, Journal article
B Grace, S Tothill, P Zadeh, Dilisha Patel Let’s talk about it: exploring attitudes towards engagement and open discussion of (in)fertility and reproductive heath on social media 2020 Conference abstract/presentation slides
A Jawad, Dilisha Patel, N Brima, J Stephenson Alcohol, smoking, folic acid and multivitamin use among women attending maternity care in London: a cross-sectional study 2019 Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare, Journal article
Dilisha Patel, Ann Blandford, Mark Warner, J Shawe, J Stephenson "I feel like only half a man": Online Forums as a Resource for Finding a "New Normal" for Men Experiencing Fertility Issues 2019 Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction (PACMHCI), Journal article
J Shawe, Dilisha Patel, M Joy, B Howden, G Barrett, J Stephenson Preparation for fatherhood: A survey of men's preconception health knowledge and behaviour in England. 2019 PLoS One, Journal article
Dilisha Patel, Ann Blandford, J Stephenson, J Shawe Understanding The Use Of Social Technologies During A Life Transition: Men's Experience with Fertility Problems 2019 Conference paper (text)
M Barker, SU Dombrowski, T Colbourn, CHD Fall, NM Kriznik, WT Lawrence, SA Norris, G Ngaiza, Dilisha Patel, J Skordis-Worrall Intervention strategies to improve nutrition and health behaviours before conception 2018 The Lancet, Journal article
Dilisha Patel, Ann Blandford, J Stephenson So you're planning a baby?: a review of preconception care apps 2018 Conference paper (text)
Dilisha Patel What are men’s user requirements towards digital health interventions whilst preparing for conception? 2018 Conference paper (text)
O Ojukwu, Dilisha Patel, J Stephenson, B Howden, J Shawe General practitioners' knowledge, attitudes and views of providing preconception care: a qualitative investigation. 2016 Upsala journal of medical sciences, Journal article
G Barrett, J Shawe, B Howden, Dilisha Patel, O Ojukwu, P Pandya, J Stephenson Why do women invest in pre-pregnancy health and care? A qualitative investigation with women attending maternity services 2015 BMC PREGNANCY AND CHILDBIRTH, Journal article
G Barrett, J Shawe, B Howden, Dilisha Patel, O Ojukwu, P Pandya, J Stephenson Why do women invest in pre-pregnancy health and care? A qualitative investigation with women attending maternity services 2015 BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, Journal article
J Stephenson, Dilisha Patel, G Barrett, B Howden, A Copas, O Ojukwu, P Pandya, J Shawe How do women prepare for pregnancy? Preconception experiences of women attending antenatal services and views of health professionals. 2014 PLoS One, Journal article
Dilisha Patel Online Information-Seeking Behaviours of Men Experiencing Fertility Difficulties 1900 Thesis / Dissertation