Jake Rigby

Jake Rigby
Former: EngD Student
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My research investigates how video media consumption is changing through the use of technology. I am focusing on mobile device usage while watching television ("media multitasking") and the use of on-demand services.

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Brief biography

I completed a BSc and MSc by research in Computer Science at Durham University. I joined UCLIC as a doctoral student in September 2014. Current position (October 2021): Research Associate at Bristol University, School of Geographical Sciences.

Research Publications

Jake Rigby, C Preist Towards User-Centred Climate Services: the Role of Human-Computer Interaction 2023 CHI '23: 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Conference paper (text)
Jake Rigby, MA Yohannis, C Preist, MB Singer, TM Waema, AN Wausi, K Michaelides Climate services for the Greater Horn of Africa: interviews exploring practitioner perspectives from Kenya and beyond 2022 CLIMATE AND DEVELOPMENT, Journal article
D Cabral, D Castro, Jake Rigby, H Vasanth, MS Cameirão, SBI Badia, V Nisi To Binge or not to Binge: Viewers’ Moods and Behaviors During the Consumption of Subscribed Video Streaming 2021 Entertainment Computing – ICEC 2020 19th IFIP TC 14 International Conference, Conference paper (text)
Jake Rigby, Sandy Gould, Duncan Brumby, Anna Cox Development of a questionnaire to measure immersion in video media: The Film IEQ 2019 Conference paper (text)
D Castro, Jake Rigby, D Cabral, V Nisi The binge-watcher's journey: Investigating motivations, contexts, and affective states surrounding Netflix viewing 2019 CONVERGENCE-THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH INTO NEW MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES, Journal article
Jake Rigby, Duncan Brumby, Sandy Gould, Anna Cox "I Can Watch What I Want": A Diary Study of On-Demand and Cross-Device Viewing 2018 Conference paper (text)
Jake Rigby, Duncan Brumby, Anna Cox, Sandy Gould Old Habits Die Hard: A Diary Study of On-Demand Video Viewing 2018 Conference paper (text), New York (NY), USA
Jake Rigby, Duncan Brumby, Anna Cox, Sandy Gould Film, interrupted: Investigating how mobile device notifications affect immersion during movies 2017 Conference paper (text)
Priscilla Wong, Jake Rigby, Duncan Brumby Game & Watch: Are "Let's Play" Gaming Videos as Immersive as Playing Games? 2017 Conference paper (text)
Jake Rigby, Duncan Brumby, Sandy Gould, Anna Cox Media multitasking at home: A video observation study of concurrent TV and mobile device usage 2017 Conference paper (text)
A Tse, Charlene Jennett, J Moore, Z Watson, Jake Rigby, Anna Cox Was I There? Impact of Platform and Headphones on 360 Video Immersion 2017 Conference paper (text)
Jake Rigby, Duncan Brumby, Anna Cox, Gould Watching movies on Netflix: Investigating the effect of screen size on viewer immersion 2016 Conference paper (text)
Jake Rigby Video Media in the Hyperconnected Age: Investigating Emergent Viewing Practices 1900 Thesis / Dissertation