James Hardwick

James Hardwick
PhD Student
[email address hidden]
Room: Rm 305
UCLIC and Computer Science
169 Euston Road
London, NW1 2AE
United Kingdom

I am currently a research PhD student working in the Computer Science Department at UCL. We are multidiscipline group who specialise in human-computer interaction & building novel and exciting interactive devices and displays - primarily using the medium of sound. My research centres on the development of Spatial Sound Modulators (SSMs); devices which can manipulate and control sound waves to produce interesting and unusual shapes and patterns such as focal points, particle traps and acoustic holograms.

Research Publications

Lei Gao, James Hardwick, Diego Martinez Plasencia, Sriram Subramanian, Ryuji Hirayama DATALEV: Acoustophoretic Data Physicalisation 2022 UIST '22: The 35th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, Conference abstract/presentation slides
Shubhi Bansal, Christabel Choi, James Hardwick, B Bagchi, MK Tiwari, Sriram Subramanian Transmissive Labyrinthine Acoustic Metamaterialā€Based Holography for Extraordinary Energy Harvesting 2022 Advanced Engineering Materials, Journal article
J Prat-Camps, Georgios Christopoulos, James Hardwick, Sriram Subramanian A Manually Reconfigurable Reflective Spatial Sound Modulator for Ultrasonic Waves in Air 2020 Advanced Materials Technologies, Journal article