James Hardwick

James Hardwick
PhD Student
[email address hidden]
Room: Rm 305
UCLIC and Computer Science
169 Euston Road
London, NW1 2AE
United Kingdom

I am currently a research PhD student working in the Computer Science Department at UCL. We are multidiscipline group who specialise in human-computer interaction & building novel and exciting interactive devices and displays - primarily using the medium of sound. My research centres on the development of Spatial Sound Modulators (SSMs); devices which can manipulate and control sound waves to produce interesting and unusual shapes and patterns such as focal points, particle traps and acoustic holograms.

Research Publications

J Prat-Camps, Georgios Christopoulos, James Hardwick, Sriram Subramanian A Manually Reconfigurable Reflective Spatial Sound Modulator for Ultrasonic Waves in Air 2020 Advanced Materials Technologies, Journal article