Leon Reicherts

Leon Reicherts
PhD Student
Pronouns: he/him/his
[email address hidden]
Room: B.01
UCLIC, University College London
66 - 72 Gower Street
London, WC1E 6EA
United Kingdom


My research focuses on how intelligent (conversational) agents or assistants can support people when they solve problems or make decisions. The aim of the agent interventions is to enable people to identify which of their inferences, interpretations and conclusions are likely to be flawed or biased - for example by triggering metacognitive processes.
Both artificial and human intelligence have their strengths and weaknesses and have their own types of bias - the aim of my research is to explore how AI can be used to complement and empower human intelligence.

My PhD is funded by the Leverhulme Trust as part of the Ecological Brain Doctoral Training Programme.

My supervisors are Yvonne Rogers and Sam Gilbert. Mirco Musolesi is on my thesis committee.

Brief biography

I completed my bachelor's degree in Information Systems at the University of Fribourg in 2016 and my master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction at UCL in 2018. I subsequently worked with Yvonne Rogers, Licia Capra and Neil Sebire on the VoiceViz project, which was a collaboration between UCLIC and the DRIVE unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Research Publications

Leon Reicherts, Yvonne Rogers Do Make me Think!: How CUIs Can Support Cognitive Processes 2020 CUI '20: 2nd Conference on Conversational User Interfaces, Conference paper (text), Bilbao, Spain