Lisa Koeman

Lisa Koeman
Former: PhD Student
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Current position: Principal UX Researcher at Elsevier

Brief biography

Lisa Koeman is a PhD candidate within the ICRI Cities at University College London. Previously, she completed her MSc in Human-Centred Interactive Technologies (Distinction) at the University of York, prior to which she graduated cum laude from her BSc in Information Science at the University of Amsterdam.
Her main interests relate to human-computer interaction and include interaction design, user experience, and data visualisation. In addition, she is keen on graphic and product design. She is investigating the role public visualisations of local data can play in urban communities.

Research Publications

Lisa Koeman, V Kalnikaite, Yvonne Rogers "Everyone Is Talking about It!”: A Distributed Approach to Urban Voting Technology and Visualisations 2015 Conference paper (text)
Sarah Gallacher, Connie Golsteijn, L Wall, Lisa Koeman, S Andberg, L Capra, Yvonne Rogers Getting Quizzical About Physical: Observing Experiences with a Tangible Questionnaire 2015 Conference paper (text)
Connie Golsteijn, Sarah Gallacher, Lisa Koeman, L Wall, S Andberg, Yvonne Rogers, L Capra VoxBox: a Tangible Machine that Gathers Opinions from the Public at Events 2015 Conference paper (text)
Lisa Koeman An Exploratory study into the public and situated visualisation of local data in urban communities 2014 Proceedings of the Conference on Designing Interactive Systems: Processes, Practices, Methods, and Techniques, DIS, Conference paper (text)
Lisa Koeman, V Kalnikaite, Yvonne Rogers, Jon Bird What chalk and tape can tell us: Lessons learnt for next generation urban displays 2014 PerDis 2014 - Proceedings: 3rd ACM International Symposium on Pervasive Displays 2014, Journal article
Lisa Koeman Urban visualisation: the role of situated technology interventions in facilitating engagement with local topics 1900 Thesis / Dissertation