Mark Warner

Mark Warner
Former: PhD Student
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My research is interested in how men who have sex with men (MSM) manage HIV status information in online sex-social applications (apps). Using a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research methods, I draw on economic, communication, and motivation theories to develop a rich understanding of how HIV status information in sex-social environments is being perceived, and how this information is changing interactions, behaviours, and social norms. My work challenges the notion of control in the design of sensitive disclosure fields and suggests that privacy may unravel around undisclosed information, as those not disclosing are assumed to be "hiding" undesirable information.

Brief biography

I obtained a masters degree in Security Management at the University of Portsmouth (part-time, at distance, distinction). My final year research was focused on how privacy concerns are formed, and how these concerns impact on levels of self-censorship when communicating over online social messaging platforms.

Prior to joining UCLIC I worked as a digital forensics foreign advisor within a criminal investigations department (CID) in the Middle East. I was responsible for developing enhanced capabilities for extracting, analysing, and processing data from electronic devices in criminal investigations. Additionally, I was involved in improving and managing laboratory evidence handling procedures in accordance with ISO standards (ISO-17025).

Currently (October 2021) Senior Lecturer in Computer and Information Sciences at Northumbria University.

Research Publications

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