Melanie Herrmann

Melanie Herrmann
PhD Student
[email address hidden]
Room: 2.12
UCLIC, University College London
66 - 72 Gower Street
London, WC1E 6EA
United Kingdom

I am interested in how modern technologies and computer interfaces affect people and in how they may shape specific target behaviours. In my PhD, I investigate if smart meter feedback encourages domestic energy saving. More specifically, I focus on users' data comprehension for residential electricity data visualisations.

Brief biography

I received my MSc in psychology from RWTH Aachen University, Germany. I joined UCLIC as a doctoral student in September 2014.

Research Publications

Melanie Herrmann, Duncan Brumby, T Oreszczyn, XMP Gilbert Does data visualization affect users’ understanding of electricity consumption? 2017 Building Research and Information, Journal article
Melanie Herrmann, Duncan Brumby, T Oreszczyn Watts your usage? A field study of householders’ literacy for residential electricity data 2017 Energy Efficiency, Journal article
Melanie Herrmann, Duncan Brumby, T Oreszczyn How much electricity do you use at home? An investigation into householders’ literacy for comprehending domestic electricity data 2016 Behave 2016: 4th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency, Conference paper (text)