Minna Nygren

Minna Nygren
Research Fellow
Pronouns: she/her/hers
[email address hidden]
UCLIC, University College London
66 - 72 Gower Street
London, WC1E 6EA
United Kingdom

Research interests

I am a researcher interested in social embodiment, engagement, and design.

At UCLIC, I work alongside Professor Nadia Berthouze on the EPSRC-funded From Sensing to Collaboration-project, that focuses on understanding affect and touch practices in clinical settings, and opportunities to design robots to support training.

Prior to working at UCLIC, I was a Research Fellow at UCL Knowledge Lab working alongside Professor Sara Price on Move2Learn-project, jointly funded by the Wellcome Trust, ESRC and NSF. This project focused on young children's embodied meaning making in informal settings such as science museums. I was also a Research Associate on its sister project Move2Learn4Teachers (funded by ScotPEN), in collaboration with Edinburgh University. Through collaborative design with primary science teachers, it developed a teacher training course on Embodied Learning that will be offered by SSERC.

I gained my PhD (titled "Landscapes of Affective Interaction: Young Children's Enactive Engagement with Body Metaphors) in Human Development and Design. My doctoral studies were funded by the Wellcome Trust and conducted in conjunction with Move2Learn-project. The thesis focused on understanding young children's social interaction with body metaphors from an embodiment perspective through iterative design.

Research Publications

Minna Nygren, M Nouwen, Even P Van, S Price, B Zaman, JM Beuthel Developing Ideas and Methods for Supporting Whole Body Interaction in Remote Co-Design with Children 2021 Conference paper (text)
R Thomas, S Price, Minna Nygren, E Glauert How sensorimotor interaction shapes and supports young children’s gestural communication around science 2021 International Journal of Science Education, Journal article
Minna Nygren, S Price EPESonic 2020 Conference paper (text)
A Manches, K Davies, S Price, S Gilutz, A Revueltas-Roux, Minna Nygren, B Zaman From design to difference: increasing impact of IDC research 2020 Conference paper (text)
Minna Nygren Landscapes of Affective Interaction: Young Children's Enactive Engagement with Body Metaphors 1900 Thesis / Dissertation