Rhys Williams

Rhys Williams
GDI Hub, Head of Innovation Insights
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+44 (0)20 3108 7194 (x57194)
Global Disability Innovation Hub
One Pool Street
London, E20 2AF

Research description

My research investigated the user experience of lower-limb prosthetics using mixed methods. Interviews, questionnaires, experience sampling and sensor studies in the wild comprehensively explored the reality of life with a prosthetic. I was supervised by Professor Catherine Holloway (UCLIC) and Professor Mark Miodownik (Mechanical Engineering/ Institute of Making)

Brief biography

My undergraduate was in Physics with Medical Physics at UCL where I specialised in functional near-infrared spectroscopic brain imaging, working with the Biomedical Optics group for my dissertation and a summer. After that I moved onto my MRes in Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurship where I began to become interested in prosthetics.


  • 2016 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Summer fellowship (At U. of Tokyo/ NRCD)
  • 2016 Research through making award (Institute of Making)
  • 2015 London Health Tech Challenge winner (London Business School)

Research Publications

Rhys Williams, R Aldakhil, Ann Blandford, Y Jani Interdisciplinary systematic review: does alignment between system and design shape adoption and use of barcode medication administration technology? 2021 BMJ Open, Journal article
Jeremy Opie, M Bellio, Rhys Williams, M Sussman, P Voegele, J Welch, Ann Blandford Requirements for a Dashboard to Support Quality Improvement Teams in Pain Management 2021 Frontiers in Big Data, Journal article
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Ben Oldfrey, M Miodownik, Giulia Barbareschi, Rhys Williams, Catherine Holloway Digital Fabrication of Lower Limb Prosthetic Sockets 2020 Report
Rhys Williams, Catherine Holloway Prosthetic Services: An Opportunity for Patient Directed Healthcare 2019 Conference paper (text)
Rhys Williams, A Takashima, T Ogata, Catherine Holloway A pilot study towards long-term thermal comfort research for lower-limb prosthesis wearers 2018 Prosthetics and Orthotics International, Journal article
Rhys Williams, ED Washington, M Miodownik, Catherine Holloway The effect of liner design and materials selection on prosthesis interface heat dissipation 2017 Prosthetics and Orthotics International, Journal article
Rhys Williams, Catherine Holloway, M Miodownik The Ultimate Wearable: Connecting Prosthetic Limbs to the IoPH 2016 Conference paper (text)
D Chitnis, D Airantzis, D Highton, Rhys Williams, P Phan, V Giagka, S Powell, RJ Cooper, I Tachtsidis, M Smith Towards a wearable near infrared spectroscopic probe for monitoring concentrations of multiple chromophores in biological tissue in vivo 2016 Review of Scientific Instruments, Journal article
Rhys Williams Exploring thermal discomfort amongst lower-limb prosthesis wearers 1900 Thesis / Dissertation