Tsu-Jui Cheng

Tsu-Jui Cheng
Research Associate
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Research Publications

Tsu-Jui Cheng, L Kenney, J Amor, S Thies, E Costamagna, C James, Catherine Holloway Characterisation of Rollator Use Using Inertial Sensors 2016 Healthcare Technology Letters, Journal article
CJ James, JD Amor, Catherine Holloway, Tsu-Jui Cheng, L Kenney AART-BC: A sensor system for monitoring Assistive Technology use beyond the clinic 2016 Proceedings of the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBS, Conference proceeding
Tsu-Jui Cheng, B Yang, Catherine Holloway, N Tyler Effect of Environmental Factors on How Older Pedestrians Detect an Upcoming Step 2016 Lighting Research and Technology, Journal article
Tsu-Jui Cheng, N Tyler,, C Holloway, Use of Gaze and Gait Analysis to Assess the Effect of Footway Environmental Factors on Older Pedestrians’ Accessibility 2015 Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons (TRANSED), Conference proceeding, Lisbon, Portugal
Tsu-Jui Cheng Use of gaze and gait analysis to assess the effect of footway environmental factors on older pedestrians' accessibility N/A Thesis / Dissertation