Youngjun Cho

Youngjun Cho
Lecturer, Global Disability Innovation
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+44 (0)20 3108 7177 (x57177)
Global Disability Innovation Hub
UCL at Here East
8-9 East Bay Lane, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
London, E15 2GW

Brief biography

Youngjun Cho is a lecturer (equivalent to Assistant Professor in the US) in the department of computer science at UCL. He explores, builds and evaluates novel techniques and technologies for the next generation of physiological computing1 that boosts disability technology innovation.
In his PhD research at UCL, he had investigated mobile thermal imaging-based physiological sensing and automated stress detection for mental health innovation. Before deciding to undertake his PhD study in 2015, he had worked as a senior researcher and specialist at LG Electronics (full-time: 2011-2015, leave of absence:2015-2018) and was a PI/Co-I/Lead researcher of a variety of industrial research projects. Amongst his contributions, novel 3D input and gesture recognition technologies (as advanced touch screen solutions in vehicles) were successfully commercialised in collaboration with automobile manufacturers including Porsche and BMW.

His academic research and studies were mainly funded by the EU H2020, UCL-ORS, National Research Foundation of Korea, LG and Samsung. He has authored more than 50 articles (including patents) in areas related to physiological computing, machine learning, human-computer interaction and multimodal sensing and feedback. Some of the achievements have been featured in forums for the general public such as BBC News, Phys.Org, Imaging and Machine Vision Europe, Science Daily, and SBS News.

1His definition of physiological computing is technology that listens to your physiological and psychological needs and adapts its functionality. Its three technical components are physiological sensing, affect recognition and bio-feedback.

Publication and Patent

Research Publications

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Youngjun Cho, SJ Julier, Nicolai Marquardt, N Bianchi-Berthouze Robust respiration tracking in high-dynamic range scenes using mobile thermal imaging N/A Journal article