How to run an Errordiary workshop: Exploring errors and resilience strategies with patients, professionals and the public

in Third Resilience Health Care Net Meeting, Conference paper (text), Hindsgavl Castle, Denmark


Errordiary is a public engagement initiative that aims to raise awareness and debate about error and resilience strategies. Errordiary in healthcare targeted patients, healthcare professionals and members of the public to see if it had potential for healthcare. To engage with these groups we ran a competition, surveys, focus groups and presentations. After a recent presentation about Errordiary one of the doctors that attended remarked, "I will be running a session on error and resilience strategies in my clinical practice, inspired by you!". However, at that stage, it was not clear to us how to run such a session. In this paper we present a format that could be adapted by others. This format was successful in getting people with diabetes, healthcare professionals and the public to talk about and share their own errors and resilience strategies in three separate focus groups.