Huddlelamp: Spatially-Aware mobile displays for ad-hoc around-the-table collaboration

R R├Ądle, HC Jetter, Nicolai Marquardt, H Reiterer, Yvonne Rogers
in ITS 2014 - Proceedings of the 2014 ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces, Conference paper (text)


Copyright © 2014 ACM. We present HuddleLamp, a desk lamp with an integrated RGB-D camera that precisely tracks the movements and positions of mobile displays and hands on a table. This enables a new breed of spatially-aware multi-user and multi-device applications for around-the-table collaboration without an interactive tabletop. At any time, users can add or remove displays and reconfigure them in space in an adhoc manner without the need of installing any software or attaching markers. Additionally, hands are tracked to detect interactions above and between displays, enabling fluent cross-device interactions. We contribute a novel hybrid sensing approach that uses RGB and depth data to increase tracking quality and a technical evaluation of its capabilities and limitations. For enabling installation-free ad-hoc collaboration, we also introduce a web-based architecture and JavaScript API for future HuddleLamp applications. Finally, we demonstrate the resulting design space using five examples of cross-device interaction techniques.