Live linking of fieldwork to the laboratory increases students inquiry based reflections

A Adams, T Coughlan, Yvonne Rogers, T Collins, S Davies, C Blake, J Lea
in Connecting Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning to Policy and Practice: CSCL 2011 Conf. Proc. - Short Papers and Posters, 9th International Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Conf., Journal article


The Out There In Here (OTIH) system examines geology students distributed coreflection and inquiry based learning collaborations using 'live' field based mobile technology (e.g. smartphones, ipads, laptops) and laboratory static technologies (e.g. tabletop, large screen displays, PCs). OTIH evaluations involved 23 students with video and log analysis, questionnaires, focus groups and scenario sorting exercises to identify how situated technologies support hypothesis generation with 3 types of collaborative reflection; remote sharing, dialogic and comparative information reflection. © ISLS.