Nudging the cart in the supermarket: How much is enough information for food shoppers?

PM Todd, Yvonne Rogers, SJ Payne
in CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Journal article


The amount of information available to help decide what foods to buy and eat is increasing rapidly with the advent of concerns about, and data on, health impacts, environmental effects, and economic consequences. But this glut of information can be distracting or overwhelming when presented within the context of a high time-pressure, low involvement activity such as supermarket shopping. How can we nudge people's food shopping behavior in desired directions through targeted delivery of appropriate information? We are investigating whether augmented reality can deliver relevant 'instant information', that can be interpreted and acted upon in situ, enabling people to make more informed choices. The challenge is to balance the need to simplify and streamline the information presented with the need to provide enough information that shoppers can adjust their behavior toward meeting their goals.