Haptic Cushion: Automatic Generation of Vibro- tactile Feedback Based on Audio Signal for Immersive Interaction with Multimedia

Youngjun Cho, S Kim, M Joung, J Lee
in ACTUATOR 2014, 14th International Conference on New Actuators, Conference paper (text), Bremen, Germany


This paper presents a haptic display providing audio-based vibrotactile feedback to enhance the immersive feeling of the user who interacts with multimedia content. The newly developed display has two main features, i) an automatic transformation algorithm and ii) a vibrotactile actuator. The proposed algorithm automatically transforms auditory signals into vibrotactile patterns in real-time by extracting principal frequencies from acoustic unit sequences and superposing vibration waves. The actuator was designed based on the structure of the voice coil linear motor to operate effectively over a wide range of vibration frequencies. Experiments were carried out to evaluate characteristics of the implemented system and demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.