Habito News: A research tool to investigate mobile news reading

Marios Constantinides, J Dowel, D Johnson, S Malacria
in MobileHCI '15 Adjunct, Conference paper (text), Copenhagen, Denmark


This demonstration paper accompanies a paper
accepted at MobileHCI'15 [1]. With the aim of
enhancing news reading experience on smartphones,
we developed and deployed Habito News, a dedicated
Android news app capable of unobtrusive logging of
news interactions and recognising patterns of user's
news reading behaviour. Interaction traces collected
with Habito News can first be used to detect the user's
news reader type and then to adapt the news reading
app displays and behavior in response to individual
patterns of user's interaction. In this demo, we present
the app's logging capabilities, the automatic detection
of news reader types and the three different user
interface designs for different news reader types.