Workshop abstract: Advances in DIY Health and Wellbeing

Aisling Ann O'Kane, A Hurst, G Niezen, Nicolai Marquardt, Jon Bird, G Abowd
in CHI'16 - CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Conference paper (text), San Jose, CA, USA


The choice of consumer healthcare and wellbeing technologies has never been greater, and the introduction of consumer wearable technologies and inexpensive sensor kits means that developing bespoke personalized health devices is now possible. For example, there is a growing community making DIY diabetes technologies and the trend is spreading to other health areas where people want to design, customize, manufacture and disseminate their own DIY health and wellbeing technologies. Although the CHI community has started to investigate these trends, the pace that motivated open-source health 'makers' and 'hackers' are developing technologies means that there is a need to bring together researchers to discuss the HCI implications of this changing landscape.