The Chameleon project: An art installation exploring emotional contagion

T Gonsalves, C Frith, B Averbeck, Y Kashef, AN Mahmoud, RE Kaliouby, R Picard, Nadia Berthouze, M Iacobini, H Critchley
in Proceedings - 2009 3rd International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction and Workshops, ACII 2009, Conference paper (text)


This demonstration allows the audience to interact with prototype 07 of the Chameleon interactive artwork installation. It is part of a project exploring emotional contagion,and communication, built by a cross disciplinary group of artists, scientists and engineers and a curator, that also includes the ACII 2009 poster presentation and paper by Iacobini, Gonsalves, Berthouze, Frith, et al [5]. ©2009 IEEE.