Safer interactive medical device design: Insights from the CHI+MED Project

in MOBIHEALTH 2015 - 5th EAI International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare - Transforming Healthcare through Innovations in Mobile and Wireless Technologies, Conference paper (text)


Interactive medical devices such as infusion pumps, monitors and diagnostic devices help save lives. However, they may also fail in use and patient harm ensue. It is not just that the software and hardware should meet their specification. The design should help ensure users do not make mistakes. Safety factors are more important as medical devices become mobile and are used by patients as part of their everyday life rather than by trained professionals in well-defined hospital environments. Regulators are increasingly taking home-use seriously as a result of device recalls due to devices that have caused patient harm. We give insights from the re-search on the CHI+MED project ( It has focussed on understanding how the design of interactive medical devices can support safety. CHI+MED also devel-oped practical tools and guidance that we review.