Go-with-the-flow: A smartphone app for realtime tracking and sonification of physical activity in CP

Joseph Newbold, Aneesha Singh, N Bianchi-Berthouze
in PervasiveHealth: Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare, Conference paper (text)


© 2016 EAI. Chronic pain is pain that persists past the expected time of healing. Unlike acute pain, chronic pain is often no longer a sign of damage and may never disappear. Remaining physically active is very important for people with chronic pain, but in the presence of such persistent pain it can be hard to maintain a good level of physical activity due to factors such as fear of pain or re-injury. This work demonstrates how sound feedback can be used to address some of the specific barriers to physical activity faced by people with CP. Using the Go-with-the-glow framework, sonifications are informed by physiotherapist and people with CP to help address the psychological needs and to help support movement and breathing during physical activity.