Visualizing bacteria quorum sensing

M Schwarz, Daniela Romano, M Gheorghe
in AISB 2008 Convention: Communication, Interaction and Social Intelligence - Proceedings of the AISB 2008 Symposium on Swarm Intelligence Algorithms and Applications, Conference paper (text)


Large populations of bacteria communicate by sending into the environment some specific signalling molecules. A bacterium will sense the population density by the concentration of the signalling molecule. This process, known as "quorum sensing", is used in this paper to show the emergent behaviour of a bacterium colony in various circumstances. The biochemistry associated with quorum sensing has been modelled and an agent based approach has been used to simulate the behaviour of the colony. In addition, a 3-D environment has been created to illustrate how the emergent behaviour occurs within the colony as a result of local immediate real-time interactions, while a data file is generated to visualise the behaviour of the colony over time as a 2D graph.