Exploring the use of a respiratory-computer interface for game interaction

J Arroyo-Palacios, Daniela Romano
in 1st International IEEE Consumer Electronic Society's Games Innovation Conference, ICE-GiC 09, Conference paper (text)


Interaction techniques play a fundamental role in the success of video games. An example of this success is the Nintendo Wii console. Its novel interaction method based on motion-sensing technology has attracted gamers of different generations. In this paper, real-time processing of physiological signals is presented as an alternative approach for natural and intuitive communication with computer applications. Particularly, respiration measures are used as an innovative technique for game interaction. A respiratory-computer interface (RCI) has been designed and evaluated with the aid of an ad-hoc mini-game where the players participated in a race to blow up 3D virtual balloons. Twenty-four participants evaluated attributes of the interface such as: usability, learnability, satisfaction and immersion. The results show that the RCI can be very useful as a natural and involving game interface. © 2009 IEEE.