Game logic portability

A BinSubaih, S Maddock, Daniela Romano
in ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, Conference paper (text)


Many game engines integrate the game logic with the graphics engine. In this paper we separate the two, thus making the logic portable between game engines. In our architecture the logic is represented as an ontology and a set of rules for a particular application domain. A mediator with an embedded rules-engine links the logic to a suitable game engine.We demonstrate our architecture in two ways. First, we show a traffic accident scenario running on two different game engines, with a separate mediator for each engine. The logic type is smart-terrain logic, with participants triggering events based on interaction and proximity tests. In the second demonstration (a simple first-person shooting game) we show the extensibility and performance of the architecture to control non-player characters quickly manoeuvring using proximity tests and waypoints.