Nose Heat: Exploring Stress-induced Nasal Thermal Variability through Mobile Thermal Imaging

Youngjun Cho, N Bianchi-Berthouze, M Oliveira, Catherine Holloway, S Julier
in Journal article


Automatically monitoring and quantifying stress-induced thermal dynamic
information in real-world settings is an extremely important but challenging
problem. In this paper, we explore whether we can use mobile thermal imaging to
measure the rich physiological cues of mental stress that can be deduced from a
person's nose temperature. To answer this question we build i) a framework for
monitoring nasal thermal variable patterns continuously and ii) a novel set of
thermal variability metrics to capture a richness of the dynamic information.
We evaluated our approach in a series of studies including laboratory-based
psychosocial stress-induction tasks and real-world factory settings. We
demonstrate our approach has the potential for assessing stress responses
beyond controlled laboratory settings.