Development of a questionnaire to measure immersion in video media: The Film IEQ

in The 2019 ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video, Conference paper (text), Salford (Manchester), United Kingdom


© 2019 Copyright held by the owner/author(s). Publication rights licensed to ACM. Researchers and practitioners are keen to understand how new video viewing practices driven by technological developments impact viewers' experiences. We detail the development of the Immersive Experience Questionnaire for Film and TV (Film IEQ). An exploratory factor analysis based on responses from 414 participants revealed a four-factor structure of (1) captivation, (2) real-world dissociation, (3) comprehension, and (4) transportation. We validated the Film IEQ in an experiment that replicated prior research into the effect of viewing on screens of varying size. Responses captured by the Film IEQ indicate that watching on a small phone screen reduces the viewer's level of comprehension, and that this negatively impacts the viewing experience, compared to watching on a larger screen. The Film IEQ allows researchers and practitioners to assess video viewing experiences using a questionnaire that is easy to administer, and that has been empirically validated.