Who Has The Right of Way, Automated Vehicles or Drivers? Multiple Perspectives in Safety, Negotiation and Trust

in 11th International ACM Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications, Conference paper (text), Utrecht, Netherlands


Public opinion suggests that it is still unclear how people will
react when automated vehicles (AVs) emerge on the roads.
Fatal accidents involving AVs have received wide media attention,
possibly disproportionate to their frequency. How
does the framing of such stories affect public perceptions of
AVs? Few drivers have encountered AVs, but how do they
imagine interacting with AVs in the near future? This survey
study with 600 UK and Hong Kong drivers addressed these
two questions. After reading news 'vignettes' reporting an
imagined car crash, respondents presented with subjective
information perceived AVs as less safe than those presented
with factual information. We draw implications for news
media framing effects to counter negative newsflow with
factual information. Respondents were presented with another
imagined interaction with human-driven and AVs and
did not differentiate between the two. Results from other
variables e.g., first and third person framing, and cultural
differences are also reported.