Haptic rules! Augmenting the gaming experience in traditional games: The case of foosball

E Gatti, D Pittera, Moya J Bema, Marianna Obrist
in 2017 IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC), Conference paper (text)


© 2017 IEEE. Haptic sensations are a crucial aspect of everyday interaction. We touch, lift, move, and probe objects in our everyday activities. However, whilst the importance of haptic feedback has often been emphasized in gaming, haptics has been rarely used to enhance the experience in traditional (non-digital) games. In the last 50 years, technological advancement has allowed an easier access to haptic feedback. Digital games have exploited such access mainly (1) to enhance visual and acoustic feedback, and (2) to reproduce realistic feedbacks in augmented and virtual environments. Here, we re-think haptic feedback by focusing on game augmentation to enrich the gaming experience and gameplay in non-technological games. We describe the design process that led us to define the concept of 'haptic rules' as haptic-based enhancement in interference play, where haptic feedback is delivered by users to users within the game as a further mode of interaction. We apply the idea of haptic rules to the game of foosball, evaluating the effect on the gameplay and user experience.