Multisensory experiences and spaces

Marianna Obrist, Brakel M Van, F Duerinck, G Boyle
in ISS '17: Interactive Surfaces and Spaces, Conference paper (text)


© 2017 Copyright is held by the owner/author(s). Designing multisensory experiences is fascinating academics and practitioners alike. Recent advances in interactive systems and sensory devices also increasingly captures the attention of artists, museum curators, and creative industries, who aim to explore the opportunities of new and emerging technologies to create novel and unexpected experiences. The main objective of this tutorial is to increase the ISS communitiesâ€â„¢ awareness of design spaces beyond audio-visual and tactile interactions. In particular, we will provide an overview on olfactory design spaces and opportunities building on our expertise and experience working on multisensory design projects including the Tate Sensorium, Famous Deaths, Feelies Multisensory VR experiences. We provide an overview on research efforts across disciplines, arts, and industries.